Helping You Build a Solid, Lasting Relationship With Your Dog

The Pooch Professor is committed to finding the tools and method(s) which will give you the best possible relationship with your canine family member. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

I am a professional who finds the best method possible to teach you to have the relationship with your dog that you’ve always wanted. Have you attended a class or had lessons with other trainers, and you didn’t get the results you expected? Let me help. No tool or method works for every dog.

Dogs live in a hierarchal system that depends upon someone being in charge. The “leader of the pack” must be gentle and fair, but firm. A dog respects the leader who takes charge of the relationship in a way that the dog can easily understand. A true leader does not need harsh physical force to lead–he or she earns the respect of the “led.” A true leader uses clear communication skills to make it easy for the dog to learn–these include lots of rewards for good behaviors and negative consequences for the behaviors you don’t like. A true leader learns to guide the dog through what is expected in a way that fosters relationship, not competition. You do not need to compete against your dog, or “dominate” him to train him. Leaders are clear, calm, and have expectations of behavior. I will show you how to lead.

As with anything, attitude is what makes it or breaks it. You will need to approach your training endeavor with heart and mind. You will have daily homework assignments once you begin training your dog, and they will be fun! The more energy and enthusiasm you put into them, the faster your dog will learn. I believe that you can train a dog in as little as 18 minutes a day. But you have to do it. Don’t you owe your dog 18 minutes of guidance a day?

Often, life gets in the way. I will tailor your training regimen to suit your needs (and your dog’s) as much as I possibly can. You are going to be the one training the dog–I will be your coach and mentor. I will show you how to use the tools, and I will make sure you understand. That’s my job.

Currently, I offer private training in your home in Metro Atlanta (fees are on a “by-the-hour” basis) and one-time consultations for housebreaking and other behavior issues that may not require repeat visits. I have lots of experience with adopted/rescued dogs, and small/toy breeds are also some of my personal favorites to train. I have several in-home packages as well as “a la carte” lessons.

You can have the dog you deserve, the dog you want to take places, and the dog who is a true companion. Let me help you achieve results.
The Pooch Professor, Mailey E. McLaughlin, M.Ed., is a Certified Dog Trainer Advanced and a Professional Dog Training Instructor. Mailey has over 39 years experience working with people and animals--initially as a vet tech and then doing petsitting. She began teaching obedience classes and private lessons professionally as The Pooch Professor in 2000, and built the Atlanta Humane Society’s successful public training program from the ground up—helping tens of thousands of dogs and humans in the process. Mailey, a proponent of toy breeds and their training needs, believes training should be fun, fair, and results-oriented. A longtime student of human psychology, she places great value on customer service and professionalism, and seeks to deepen the relationship between canine and human.
Previous: Behavior/Training Manager, Atlanta Humane Society (2000 to 2021); E-Touch certified graduate, International School for Dog Trainers, January, 2005); Professional Member (since 2003), Vice President and Board of Directors member (7 years): International Association of Canine Professionals; Member: Association of Professional Dog Trainers; Pettech Certified Pet First Aid Instructor (2007-2018)

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